I see learning as a valuable part of my life. I love to explore new ideas, hobbies and areas of research that interests me. I might write a little about running or mountain climbing included in my tech posts. And the next maybe just a random topic, news, book I read or etc. I’m driven by curiosity and desire to learn everything that sparks my interest on my free time.

I like to work in a harmonious way. That’s why I value process oriented approach with readability and flexibility of a system to avoid chaos in development when working on a team. I will always try to get every chance I can to improve my skills. As there is always something to learn from to become better, I’m always looking for collaborations and improvement because I believe the best way to learn is to get involved and stay hungry for betterment.

Any adventure that you want to collaborate with? Don't hesitate to email me at josafebalili@gmail.com.