Last year, I participated in the "Tracing the Magellanic Expedition from Spain to Philippines" and I would like to share my notes here.

Why did Magellan a Portuguese explorer lead the Spanish Expedition?
 > Portugal was more advanced on discovering new lands than Spain at that time. Portugal had already been in India, Africa, in Brazil and Malaca (in Malaysia).

Why did Magellan want to go to Moluccas?
 >  Because he received a letter from Francisco Serrao, cousin of Magellan about the beauty of Moluccas and the abundance of spice there. And no one has yet claimed Moluccas islands (in Indonesia).
    Magellan presented westward route to King Manuel of Portugal in 1516 but was rebuffed because westward route was a territory of Spain.

Why did Magellan want to spend time in Cebu? 
 > Magellan was a Catholic devotee. He had a desire to convert Cebuanos to Catholic.

3 Important People of the Expedition (other than Magellan)

1. King Charles of Spain - Financed the expedition. He was only 18 years old when he agreed to finance Magellan's expedition to the Spice or Moluccas Islands in 1518.

2. Antonio Pigafetta  - Italian writer of the expedition.

3. Juan Sebastian de Elcano - Led and continued the expedition after Magellan died in Cebu.

5 ships of the expedition
Ship           Captain
Trinidad -    Ferdinand Magellan
Santiago -    Juan Serrano
Victoria -    Luis de Mendoza
Concepcion -  Gaspar Quesada
San Antonio - Juan de Cartagena   -  deserted and returned to Spain

Important Dates 
10 August 1519 - departure from Seville, Spain
14 April 1521 - first mass/baptism in Cebu
8 Nov 1521 - the arrival in Moluccas
6 September 1522 - Victoria's arrival at San Lucar Barrameda. Elcano + 17 (18 survivors) of the original 270 complete the circumnavigation 

Significance of the Expedition 
- started the discovery of new route (Strait of Magellan)
- ushered the colonization of the Philippines
- introduction of Sto Niño and giving it to Queen Juana that started the Cebuanos' devotion to Sto Niño

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