Before you upgrade, you need to know first what RAM is suitable for your laptop. In my case, DDR3L 1.35 is appropriate. I did try DDR3 1.5 but it didn’t work. So before you buy, make sure to verify first. You can download and install CPU-Z at This is a freeware that gathers information on some of the main devices of your system.

Procedure to change RAM in your laptop:

  1. To insert a new RAM, you need to remove the one that’s already in the slot. To do this, gently pull the two tabs locking down on either side. The RAM will pop at a diagonal angle.

Alt TextAlt Text

  1. Insert the new RAM, go in at the same angle then push. The pressure should make the clips on the side lock automatically.

Alt TextAlt Text

When you turn on your PC, you’ll see a screen the same as mine below. Just press F1 to continue. This means you successfully installed your new RAM. You can also check in the computer properties memory installed section for confirmation.

Alt Text