You might need to check my previous post . Here are the steps on how to create laravel project with db on a mac machine.

  1. Please make sure that composer is already installed on your machine by typing composer
  2. Install laravel thru composer as a global package. composer global require laravel/installer

3. Install laravel project.

4. Execute valet park. The park command registers a directory on your machine that contains your applications. Once the directory has been "parked" with Valet, all of the directories within that directory will be accessible in your web browser at <directory-name>.test

5. Go to your fresh installed laravel project by typing cd {laravelprojectname} then type valet secure. This is to secure your laravel project when accessing to the browser. If it didn't secure your site after executing, you may need to execute sudo nginx -s stop && sudo nginx.

6. Access your laravel project on the browser. As mentioned on step 4, with valet park, we can directly access our site thru folder-directory-name.test.

Configure Database

  1. Type in mysql -uroot

2. Create your database name. create database {databaseName}. Make sure you have the same database name (DB_DATABASE) configure in your .env file

3. Run migration. php artisan migrate

I'm using sequel ace for my Mysql GUI. Make sure you have the same db creds in your .env file.