I bought this book from booksale with a cost of 10 pesos only. This will be my basis on my implementation. Below is the summary of the book.

The book interpreted the left hand for reading. But as what I know, the dominant hand (usually the right hand) represents now and future while the left hand represents the past and traits the person was born with.

The Map of the Hand

Mount of Jupiter - A high mount signifies an over inflated ego while flat shows lack of self confidence but also a capacity for hard work. If a cross appers on this mount, it signifies marriage to someone who has money.

Mount of Saturn-  If there is a fleshy area between the Saturn and Apollo fingers, the individual has a certain sense of style and the ability to work hard at something creative. If this area is shallow - that is if there is very little space between the base finger and the heart line - the subject may be materialistic.

Mount of Apollo - If the area is cramped, the subject may be a sourpuss who can’t enjoy himself or give pleasure to others. Vertical lines in this area ensures happiness in later life.

Mount of Mercury -  a cross here shows technical ability such as working with computers and other office equipment. It can also relate to playing an instrument or being a clever engineer.

Mount of Venus - If this mount mount is too large or too high, it shows self-indulgence, greed, laziness, selfishness, too much sexuality and jealous or bullying nature. If the mount is cramped, the subject may be happy to get along with few possesions in favor of freedom to be himself. Large Venus mount is likely to make objects  that are attractive and useful. The smaller mount is analytical, precise, logical, wordy and left-brain oriented.

Mount of Luna - Large and and prominent Luna signifies a restless person who enjoys travel and adventure.  If this area is flat and cramped, the subject does not enjoy travel  and he may not have not much imagination either.

Mount of Pluto - When the  Pluto mount is high and wide, the person is very restless and he is a real traveler. If the mount is scarcely  visible or it curves sharply  inward at the percussion edge, he preferes to stay at home.

Mount of Mars

> Upper Mars - If this area is thick, he enjoys being where the action is. However if it is thin, the subject is nervous.  If the edge of the hand is straight rather than bowed, the subject is a good record keeper, proofreader, secretary or analyst.

> Lower Mars - Someone with a prominent, large or full lower Mars mount can be counted on to do his duty. A flat, indented or cramped area here belongs to an individual who is a good team member.

Mount of Neptune -Psychics, spiritual mediums, artists, psychologists, dream analyst, creative people and those who travel a great deal have well developed Neptune mounts.  

The Fingers

The Jupiter Finger - A long Jupiter finger (longer than the Apollo finger) signifies self-belief, a strong ego and self-motivation. It also shows independence, leadership and enough courage to give speeches or fight for a cause.

The Saturn Finger - If the Saturn finger is long, the individual may work in a high technical field where he can put his intellect to good use.  When Saturn finger is short, the subject has a talent for acting or for other types of entertainment and performing.

The Apollo Finger - A long Apollo finger adds sensitivity and feelings. The person may also be sexy and loving, as his needs and emotions are close to the surface. He is creative, artistic and musical and he may be a good dancer.

The Mercury Finger - Long mercury finger belongs to good communicator. This subject makes friends easily.  A short Mercury finger means that the subject finds it hard to express himself.

The Major Lines

The Life Line - A long life line that bows out and forms a large mount of Venus indicates passion and a desire to live life to the full-but the down-side is that this person likes his own way and he is inclined to have a bad temper. If the line is straighter and creates a smaller Venus mount, the individual is softer, less passionate and more even tempered. If the line rounds the base of the thumb, then home life and possessions are important.

  • Traveling Line - When the line travels out into the hand toward Luna, the person is work oriented and he may travel for business or pleasure.
  • Forked Lines - A fork indicates a combination of home life, career, travel and a variety of outside interests. A narrow fork means that these is a long struggle to cope with two demands at once.
  • Rising Lines - Lines that rise up from the life line show self-motivation and effort.
  • Shadow Lines - Shadow lines offer protection from illness and accidents, and people who have them are less inclined than others to fall sick or to catch viruses.

The Head Line - When the life line is weak but the head line is strong, the person can overcome weak health or other problems. Head line that is tied to the life line at the start means that the individual is slow to grow and stand on his own two feet, while a wide gap means he thinks for himself and is also independent in practical terms while relatively young.

The Heart Line - The firmer the heart line the more straightforward the love life. He selects a lover on the basis of the right education, who comes from the right background, or the right financial bracket. A shallow heart line suggest less ability to love, or someone who wants to love but never quite manages to pull this off. A deep heart line that runs close to the head line can be a sign of intolerance.

The Fate Line - If there is no fate line, the person will not have to make much effort in life. A very strong, deeply marked line shows that the person will do what others tell him to. He may feel that he has a duty to his parents, job, spouse or family.

  • If the line reaches the mount of Saturn, the person will work almost to the end of his life and he may enjoy doing so.
  • If the line ends on Jupiter, he will achieve personal fulfillment either through a career, religious way of life or some other activity that gives him satisfaction.
  • If the line heads toward Apollo, he will probably end up with a nice home and a happy family.
  • If the line doesn't reach far above the heart line, the person may simply give up and become a couch potato.

The Minor Lines