1. Make sure you are login as IAM user in AWS. In AWS management console, go to code commit.
  2. Create repository.

3. We'll execute the connection steps.

3.1. Download git at

3.2. Execute ssh-keygen. In my example, this will create .ssh folder at c/Users/Safventure.

3.3. Go to IAM users in AWS and in security credentials copy the SSH key ID.

3.4. Create config file in .ssh and add lines below. In line 2, after user paste your SSH key ID.

4. Test your connection by executing command below.


5. We will now commit our repo. Execute the basic git commands to commit.

6. Check your code commit repo. It should be like below.

7. We'll try to update.

The next thing you'll do is to setup your app using elastic beanstalk, code pipeline , ec2 and RDS . You might want to check my previous post on how to do that.