Git Tower is a user-friendly interface for version control instead of executing the commands in the terminal. It is beautiful, efficient, and powerful.

This post is in progress as I'm still learning the tool. I'll update this from time to time.

Clone a repo

  1. Click File
  2. Then Clone Git repository
  3. Click Clone

Creating a branch

  1. We'll create a new branch, based off of the "main" branch. To do that, right-click "main" in the sidebar and choose "Create New Branch from main".

  2. Click Create Branch. Group branches by "/".

Note: Make sure Groups refs in sidebar is checked in File->Preferences.

Commit and Publish

In Workspace->Working Copy, check the files you want to commit and add commit message. Then click commit.

2. To publish, click publish or Ctrl+U. Click Publish Branch.


  1. Make sure you are in the branch that you want to perform the rebase. Click Rebase or Ctrl+r.
  2. In my example, I rebase feature/sample2 from feature/sample1.


Reset is also known as rollback.

  1. For example, you found out that you had a mistake on a file that you already committed.

2. Right click on the previous commit and click reset

3. Update your file then commit again. As if nothing happened. :)