Your folder structure should look like this:

  • laradock
  • project-1
  • project-2

In your root folder execute:

git clone

Go to laradock folder

cd laradock

Copy env-example and rename it to .env

cp env-example .env

In laradock env file, type DB_HOST=mysql at the top.

In nginx/sites, copy laravel.conf and rename it to your laravel project names

Don’t forget to update host file at C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts and add this at the end of the file.  blog.test  laravel.test

Then execute:

docker-compose up -d nginx mysql phpmyadmin

Access your sites in the browser:

Database Migration

In your laradock env, update MYSQL_DATABASE with the name of your databases

laradock env

blog env

laravel env

Execute winpty docker-compose exec workspace bash and go to each laravel project then execute php artisan migrate

Accessing database in Heidi:


User: default

Password: secret

Port: 3306

If you're having an error about access denied, just go to mysql container and execute the ff:

winpty docker exec -it {mysql container} bash